RISE Institute is a State of California licensed non-public school specializing in serving the needs of Special Education students in grades K-12,. We provide an integrated array of supportive therapeutic services that include individual, family and group strategies. We are committed to the academic success of our students and their successful transition into healthy, productive adults. 

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Update on COVID-19

 April 7, 2020


Dear RISE Institute Families: 


We appreciate your continued partnership during these difficult times in our world.  Our RISE School families and students have been in our thoughts and prayers. We have also been planning on how to provide some further information and resources for you and your family. 


First of all, I am so grateful for the entire RISE staff.  Everyone has stepped up to ensure we are able to support and lead during these unprecedented times.  Here are some pieces of information based upon what we know today that may help you and your son/daughter: 


Optional Learning Enrichment, Review, and Practice  

 A team of educators created a robust list of optional resources for students by grade level and subject area.  This warehouse of review, enrichment, and practice can be found here


Please note that legally we can provide these opportunities but we cannot require them, however, we can have teachers assist the students if they have any questions.  This is only one resource, we will be sending other resources and communicating with the students as to how to utilize them. RISE staff will encourage students to participate, they will face time, text, Skype and email in an attempt to assist and provide the support/feedback needed.  Classroom teachers will also be providing academic work packets which can be dropped off at your homes. Staff will contact you to make sure someone is home to receive the academic work binders. 


We highly encourage our students and parents to establish a routine of daily learning and practice.  We provide an estimated time for each subject that, if you choose, could become a part of your child’s practice.  In addition, should you have obstacles regarding access or face a challenge, please alert the staff member who will be contacting your son/daughter to provide support with your issue.  You will also find some recommendations for social activities and coming soon will be some resources for social/emotional support. If you do not have a device for your child to utilize at home, we will be coming to your home to drop off work assignments/packets. 


Technology/Medications/Locker Items 

We are scheduling an opportunity for pick-up of a technology device (if needed), medications, and things that may have been left at RISE that your child might need.  Please contact Ms. Martinez if you have any questions (415) 264-7096 or through email: emartinez@riseinst.com, If you come to RISE to pick up Please respect physical distance at all times.  

Back to School? 

As mentioned earlier, this situation is unprecedented. We are following the mandates or our Governor and the California Department of Education and I anticipate we will know more about this in the week(s) ahead.  We are in a state of emergency and national emergency and any decisions regarding if/how schools will make up days or if the days will be waived is still unknown.


As soon as we know about topics such as graduation requirements, graduation, assessments, the time we will or won’t be out of school, etc. we will let you know.  Thus far, many of these things have not been decided at the State of California level.


We thank you so much for your continued partnership! We will continue to update you as things develop and change.



Elvia Martinez



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